Client Gallery Download Instructions

This is a step by step guide on how to download photographs from your gallery.  I use Zenfolio to host and deliver your photographs.  Your files are stored on their servers and are ready to be viewed & downloaded whenever you like.


1.Go to your gallery and enter your password.


2. Once inside your gallery, press “Select Photos” in the menu bar.


3. A “Download” option will appear in the menu bar. Click “Download”.


4. An option box will open. To download all the photographs in the gallery, click “Download entire gallery”.

**If you want to download only a select few images, click “Select Photos to Download”, choose the photos you want, click the “Download Selected” button at top right of your screen, and follow directions below for step 5.


5. Depending on what internet browser you are using, the photographs will either start downloading automatically or a dialogue box will appear like in the image below. Check the “Open With” circle and hit OK. Your photographs will now download to your computer.



Please note that your images may take up to 30 minutes to download based off the number of photos being downloaded, file sizes, and internet speed.

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